Setting the Foundation for a Well-Rounded Child


Our goal is to enable children to become independent, critical thinkers and social individuals.

Enchanting, Engaging, Enriching Experiences


Our classroom activities are interactive, age appropriate, and hands-on.

Holistic Emotional & Mental Development of Children


Activities promote cognitive, physical, social-emotional and language development.

Preschool Program

The preschool offers multi-age classrooms with a low child : teacher ratio

Going to school is your future. Education, learning, teaching. a young girl coloring a picture
The Snail Room serves our youngest students, the Bear + Owl Rooms offer a learning environment for our 3 to 5 year old preschool students.
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German and English are present in the classroom and co-exist. Our activities are designed to challenge students on their developmental level.
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Our goal is to make our students feel safe and secure. Building relationships and meaningful interactions create the fundamentals for learning.
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Schedule for PS + K
Our schedule provides age appropriate activities in a safe, nurturing and developmentally suitable environment with daily opportunities for outdoor play.

Meet Our Preschool Teachers

Our teachers create a nurturing learning
environment that builds growing minds

Nicole Sanchez

Site Director


Jennifer Fayn

Asst. Director + Lead Teacher English


Norma Bustos

Lead Teacher English

Ruth Monterrosa

Teacher Assistant English

Antje Damanik

Lead Teacher German


Irene Rivas

Teacher Assistant English

Vera Peneva

Lead Teacher German


Anna Wiejak

Lead Teacher German

Parent Testimonials

See below what our parents say about their experience and find more reviews on the 'About' page

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    Ann D.

    “Such a wonderful environment for children to learn German. My daughters’ German improved markedly after just a couple of weeks. I highly recommend to the Houston community.”
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    Kathrin S.

    “We love how the preschool supports our children’s creativity. The arts and crafts, which our son brings home each week, are amazing”

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    Fabian S.

    “Our son has attended the German International School of Houston from age two. We have quite high expectations regarding the social environment and the education of young children. He has immediately felt very comfortable in the school which is largely due to the loving and caring atmosphere created by all responsible persons.” more
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    Eva V.

    “They have a really good program, and they appreciate that every child is unique and support their language development individually.”

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    Irunu B.

    “Our kids love their school, my little one came from another school where he was crying for 4 weeks nonstop, we try this school and he never crying even the first day, so for us was magical. The staff is so friendly and well prepared, the school is small, so is perfect for the kids feel comfy and seem like a big family, the location is beautiful and convenient.”
  • null

    Michelle C.

    “We love the school! My daughter did not like going to her previous Montessori school and cried every morning. For the last two years she has been going to the German International School of Houston and is so excited when I drop her off. See More
  • null

    Andres Z.

    “We love the school! Teachers and staff are wonderful, and they make you feel as part of a big family. Very warm and welcoming environment for kids. Our kids LOVE going and even on vacation ask when can they go back to play there…”.

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    Sarah M.

    “We feel so lucky to have found This preschool. All of the teachers are amazing. My daughter is learning so much and  has fun while doing it! Class sizes are small and each child gets individual attention.  See More
  • null

    Chris S.

    “Our son loves going to school every day and has made some wonderful friends. We look forward to our daughter going soon. Our son has made great progress at the school – the teachers have been wonderful and his German language skills have improved immensely. He loves going to school!”

  • null

    Christian S.

    “The loving care provided to our children is exceptional.”

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    Karen B.

    “You cannot ask for a more loving and inspiring environment for your children. The positive effects of learning a second language with the amazing teachers will not disappoint.”

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    Natalia K.C.

    “From day one, I have always felt comfortable leaving my child at the preschool, because it is such a safe place, full of love, and teachers who really care about our children.”

Supporting Parents with High Quality Child Care

Preschool Life at GISH
Take a look at our fun filled school days and activities.
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Summer Fun at GISH
For the development and
enjoyment of children
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Extended Day Program
For busy work and life schedules, we offer longer operating hours 7.30am - 5.30pm
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